Incense NORNS (mix for men)

In Norse mythology norns are female beings that rule the destiny of a child when it is born. In their function they are similar to Greek Moirai. They live under the roots of the destiny tree Yggdrasill, everyday they pour over them the water from the Well of Urðr and on these roots they carve the destiny of each human. We believe that this natural hand-made cedar, nards and ambergris incense will help to:

  • Guide the events towards a favorable direction;
  • Give you confidence in yourself and your powers;
  • Inspire you for new challenges, ideas, originality and resourcefulness;
  • Overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

The gods, alike humans, have their own root on the tree of life that norns carve their destinies on. However, even the gods cannot influence decisions of norns, therefore when asking for favors they should be addressed directly to the norns Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld.

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This hand-made natural incense:

  • Is made only of natural plants and herbs;
  • Contains no charcoal, usually used to induce burning;
  • Contains no wooden heart that would emit toxic compounds while burning;
  • Contains no artificial glue that would emit toxic compounds while burning.


Together with these incense sticks you will get:

A detailed description of the incense purpose;

A description of the aromatherapic effect of the incense and its compounds (plants and herbs);

A simple magical ritual, that will reveal the powers of incense and help you to attract personal luck, guide the events towards a favorable direction, give you confidence in yourself and your powers, inspire you for new challenges, ideas, originality and resourcefulness, reduce stress, remove anger, irritability and depression.



  • Cedar;
  • Nards;
  • Ambergris;
  • Mix of other herbs.

Nowadays fragrances are rarely divided into masculine and feminine, however, the aroma of this incense is a bit sharp and possessing the strongest and most intensive qualities of the base notes. It is a perfect smell of masculine strength, self-confidence and inner tranquility.


Package contents: 5 sticks

Burning duration of a stick: ~ 60 min.

(The burning duration might differ depending on temperature, humidity and changes in the atmosphere).

Country of origin: Nepal

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